Moving mountains

SJUR is incredibly motivated to collaborate in energy projects and untangle any sticky spaghetti so to speak. A fresh pair of eyes and an adequate drive for solving problems can lead to effective solutions with astonishing results.

A good example is the recently published paper by SJUR about “Unlocking true reservoir potential: The impact of surface constraints on future production predictions“. It perfectly summarizes the value-adding results of SJUR’s creative thinking process at a South American operator:

“The available data was structured. All relevant stakeholders were included, providing views from multiple perspectives. Key impact parameters were identified and industry specialists were consulted. As a result, the oil reserves of several assets were firmed-up by millions of barrels without spending a dime of capital expenditure”.

SJUR offers a broad scope of petroleum engineering services for the exploration, appraisal, development or production phase of an asset:

  • Use classical reservoir engineering techniques such as Material Balance exercises and Decline Curve Analysis to estimate reservoir drive mechanisms and ultimate recoveries;
  • Conduct history matching and forecasting exercises with numerical simulation of sector or full field reservoir models;
  • Model conceptually new completion & production techniques to evaluate initial production rates used in economic modelling;
  • Characterise subsurface risk and uncertainty using petroleum statistics to assess the value and profitability of new technologies;
  • Identify, design and execute strategies to implement infill, waterflooding or polymer (pilot) areas;
  • Collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to coordinate well placements relating to spacing requirements, surface considerations, drilling limitations and resource management;
  • Bridge gaps between subsurface and surface facilities to establish insightful links to formulate optimisations and improved production monitoring & management systems;
  • Work within multidisciplinary teams to identify opportunities to increase reserves, cash flow and asset value through the addition and enhancement of drilling and recompletion locations;
  • Screen and perform reserves booking according to the latest Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS).

Besides oil & gas projects, SJUR is keen to team-up in other challenging energy projects that for instance concern geothermal energy or grey/blue/green hydrogen. Connected to an international network of industry experts, SJUR aims to make every possible effort in moving a project forward.

Need to move mountains? Drop a line.

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