Building brands

SJUR provides full branding packages to build a robust online representation, either from a client’s conception or from an already existing set of designs. With over 10 years of experience in delivering more than 100 digital services to 30+ different clients, SJUR demonstrates a solid track record of building brands.

Logo design

SJUR strives to deliver long lasting results, tailored to the clients’ needs. For example, the logo designed for the Civil Business Days event was delivered in 2013 and has been used in every consecutive version of the event to this day. SJUR makes this possible by actively engaging with each client to explore their intentions, set objectives and achieve a valued product.

Besides designing logos, SJUR creates these products:

  • Business cards, delivered in high quality 300 dpi CMYK;
  • Posters (diagrams) in several formats for presentation purposes;
  • Brochures (flyers), available in digital and hard-copy versions.

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Highlights of logos designed by SJUR

Web design

Depending on the complexity necessary to offer the full functionality expected by a client, SJUR recommends open source software such as WordPress or Joomla. These content management platforms are most often perfectly suited to offer the flexibility required. For instance, it allows clients to moderate their site independently, share content easily with project members or incorporate an hierarchy with three levels of access.

The look and feel must therefore match with the client’s audience and at the same time positively contribute to the user’s experience. SJUR strives to achieve both. By frequently sharing updates with the client on the progress made, mingled with advise, essential responses are triggered that considerably improve the end product.

In addition to design, SJUR offers a complete suite of website services, e.g.:

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SEO & improvements

SJUR provides Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services and other website improvements to increase the online visibility. A higher ranking website means attracting more visitors that could turn into more opportunities, leads, or profit.

SEO stimulates a website to be noteworthy for a search engine, given certain keywords or phrases. Depending on the market that is targeted, SEO can be incredibly effective as the website of ConneXion Research shows.

Furthermore, a well-structured, clean coded website that is easy to navigate improves its findability and usability. SJUR helps existing websites to improve their structure, code and user-friendliness accordingly.

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