Anton de Kom University

SJUR has signed a contract mid-2021 with Anton de Kom University of Suriname (ADEK) to supervise three MSc graduation projects (theses). The thesis accounts for 30 ECTS and concludes the trajectory of the MSc programme Petroleum Geoscience & Engineering at ADEK.

The students are either already employed in the oil & gas sector of Suriname, or aspire such a position after graduation. They are incredibly motivated to raise the bar academically and contribute to the further development of this energy sector.

Student Carol
Student Firdouz
Student Shanice

All three students have chosen a scientific research subject in the discipline of Reservoir Engineering. Each project is affiliated with the Tambaredjo oil field, Suriname’s largest onshore oil field operated by the national oil company Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname NV.

This oil field is located in the more rural areas of Suriname and contains heavy oil in shallow reservoirs with high permeable unconsolidated sand. Production is managed by dryland and wetland operations, while taking utmost care of the environment.

Wildlife spotted in Suriname’s oil field
Wetland operations in Suriname

An overview of the three projects:

  • “A reservoir simulation study on polymer flooding injection performance: cased vs. open hole injector well” that addresses the advantages and drawbacks for both completion technologies from a reservoir point of view. The study evaluates several subsurface parameters using state of the art numerical simulation tools.
  • “Sensitivity analysis of the effect of surface constraints on production decline” that assesses the impact of the surface network on production forecasting using fundamental decline curve analysis.
  • Assessment of the implementation of waterflooding in the heavy oil in the Tambaredjo field, Suriname” that evaluates the effectiveness of different operational models for waterflooding using reservoir simulation software.

Each student has met the team of SJUR in person at the university earlier in 2020. Currently, SJUR is providing guidance, expertise and coaching via online conference calls at regular intervals.

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