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Tribes International


Tribes International

About the client:

Tribes International BV is a conglometric firm that provides a wide range of services in sectors such as real estate developments, hospitality, transportation, energy and agriculture. The company is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and was formed by a group of individuals that understand today’s business and technological requirements in different environments.. For more information, please visit


Improve the website of Tribes International:

  • Upgrade the existing WordPress webdesign of Tribes International in terms of user-friendliness and recognisability. The client preferred to include more colours, in particular green tints from the logo.
  • Optimise the findability and security of the Tribes International website.

Work delivered

The font size on the website was increased by ca. 25% to improve the readibility. The amount of whitespace was reduced in the header to allow more content to be visible on the landing page. Furthermore, the carousel was optimised for tablet & mobile users. Additional empty links/pages were removed as well as the default WordPress-footer statements.

Webdesign upgraded by SJUR

Search Engine Optimisation was applied by using various WordPress plugins and incorporating meta-data to the source code of the website. On the contact page, the contactdetails have been modified in such a way that they have become less sensitive to SPAM-bots. For security purposes, the WordPress login panel has been moved to an undisclosed URL, which drastically limited the false login attempts.

Affiliated work

  • Managing security updates & back-ups for the Tribes International website.
  • Advised about selecting an SSL-certificate to improve the site’s security.

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