Dunia Technology Solutions

Sketches by SJUR


Dunia Technology Solutions

About the client:

Dunia Technology Solutions is a Houston (USA) based company that provides innovative technical solutions to the energy & technology sectors for more than a decade. Dunia is a proud channel partner of Baker Hughes. The team of Dunia consists of seasoned professionals in their field of expertise, striving to the highest standards of professionalism, quality and customer service. For more information, please visit http://duniatech.com/


Design several online and offline products for Dunia Technology Solutions:

  • Redesign the Dunia Technology Solutions logo. The client preferred to maintain a globe as an essential part of the logo, as “Dunia” means globe in Arabic.
  • Design a website that concisely provides an overview of Dunia’s services and contact details that can be moderated by the client itself.
  • Design a brochure to promote Dunia’s role as channel partner of Baker Hughes.
Previous logo

Work delivered

The logo for Dunia has been redesigned with enhanced contrast, emphasizing the name of the company. The landmasses on the globe as background have been sharpened in contour, but at the same time softened in color by bringing it closer to the colors of the globe itself. The globe has also been rotated to have the United States centralized, where Dunia’s main office is located.

In addition to the globe and the full name of the company, the three elements that have made this company successful have been placed next to the logo: energy, people and technology. Jaapokki has been used as font. The final product has been delivered in various sets of colors to accommodate either very bright or dark backgrounds.

Logo designed by SJUR

The design for Dunia’s website is based on the colors of the logo and excels in simplicity. Given the client’s preference to keep the website concise in content, the design has come down to a one-pager running on WordPress. The choice to design a one-page theme for WordPress allowed the client to moderate the content completely independently, plus it keeps the loading time short and increases the mobile user experience, as all the content is scrollable.

Website designed by SJUR

The content of the website has been stacked vertically in sections. A subtle parallax-effect has been added to the background images in several sections. The menu at the top includes anchored links that refer to each section on the page all the way down to the contact form at the bottom. Open Sans has been used as font.

Website of Dunia Technology Solutions

The design for the brochure has been based on Dunia’s webdesign with its vertical sections. Dunia’s role as channel partner of Baker Hughes has been displayed prominently at the top in a banner with a large text size using Nexa Bold as font. The other content of the brochure uses Myriad Pro font. The brochure design was delivered early 2021 in a digital high quality A4-format, 300 dpi, CMYK for printing purposes.

Brochure design by SJUR

Affiliated work

  • Design of letterheads for internal documents and outgoing proposals and contracts.
  • Managing regular updates of the content on the Dunia website.

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