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Creton Logistics

About the client:

Creton Logistics is a trustworthy and flexible parcel carrier that operates in The Netherlands. The company collaborates among others with FedEx and PostNL to deliver about a 1000 parcels daily. With their operational base situated near The Hague, Creton Logistics is a key player in parcel delivery for the Rotterdam – The Hague metropolitan area of the Randstad. For more information, please visit


Provide company branding for Creton Logistics with a logo that shows the parcel carrier business is a continuous process. 

Sketches by SJUR

Work delivered

The logo consists of two equally sized circles that overlap each other forming an infinite loop. This serves as the continuous stream of parcels that are being delivered every day by Creton Logistics. Fresh  tones of green make up the colors for the ‘C’ and ‘L’ of the logo, including a light grey part to complete the infinite loop. The ‘C’ is separated from the ‘L’ using the width of a circle’s border. The three green parts of the ‘L’ represents the three parties involved in the delivery of every single parcel: the parcel supplier, the parcel receiver and the logistics company itself. Arodora Pro Light has been used as font.

Logo designed by SJUR

Affiliated work

  • Design business cards for Creton Logistics (delivered, ready for printing)
  • Setting-up email accounts, linked with the email clients already in use
  • Webdesign for Creton Logistics (work in progress)

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