Contaminants of Emerging Concern

Logo by SJUR


Dutch Research Counsil (Dutch: Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, abbreviated: NWO)

About the client:

The Dutch Research Counsil (NWO) is a Dutch science funding body to encourage quality and innovation in scientific research with national and international collaboration. About 1 billion euros is invested in curiosity-driven research annually, funding more than 7200 projects at universities and knowledge institutions. For more information, please visit


Provide the branding for the NWOKWRSTOWATKI partnership in Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CEC):

  • Design a logo that represents the collaborative character of the partnership. The client preferred that the design would encompass a droplet to show that the partnership was about water.
  • Design a website that facilitates ca. 35 users accounts and 3 access levels to allow users to share and moderate content publicly and privately per research project.
  • Design a diagram/poster that would summarize the program research themes, projects and partners involved.

About the partnership:

The Contaminants of Emerging Concern partnership is a collective university research program that should lead to a new approach in wastewater treatment and drinking water production. There are 5 research projects split over three research themes, directed at the analysis, removal and prevention of water contamination. For more information, please visit:

Work delivered

The client chose a design that is a hollow droplet and consists of 6 elements. One element has been colored black to indicate contamination. The others have a light to dark blue gradient that suggests the cleansing of water and adds depth to the logo. All elements together rotate around the center, similar to an aperture and promote collaboration. Jaapokki has been used as font.

Logo designed by SJUR

Given the 3 layers of access required for the website (public, private and administrative supervision), the content management system Joomla has been selected. The design is on par with the black and blue tones from the logo. The landing page is kept simple with a small header beneath the menu. The partnership is introduced below it and a login has been positioned in a sidebar on the right. After a user logs in, an additional menu-item in the top appears that allows one to navigate through the privately shared content. The website has been made compatible for mobile devices and was launched early 2018.

Website designed by SJUR

The design of the project diagram (poster) for the CEC-partnership corresponds to the CEC-website design with blue bars and lots of whitespace. The logo is centrally positioned at the top of the poster with the research themes and partners left and right of it. About two thirds of the poster was used to display the 5 research projects side by side. Each project lists a brief description, the participating institutes, the project leader and members. The poster was delivered digitally in high quality 50 MP, 300 dpi, CMYK format for printing purposes.

Project diagram (poster) designed by SJUR

Affiliated work

  • Sand Filtration
  • BioGeoCivil Engineering, an NWO-sponsored program with 6 research projects (2011 – 2016)
    • Designed the logo for this Bio-Based Geo & Civil Engineering for a Sustainable Society program
    • Designed the 2013 Joomla website for with ca. 70 users accounts and 3 levels of access to be able to share and moderate content publicly and privately
    • Facilitated domain and various hosting services for from 2013 – 2016
Logo designed by SJUR

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