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About the client:

“Het Gezelschap Practische Studie” is a student association of the faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), The Netherlands. It was founded in 1894 and provides study support services and resources, e.g. workshops, symposia and study trips for its ca. 1800 members. For more information, please visit


Design a logo for the annual Civil Business Days event (Dutch: “Civiele Bedrijven Dagen”) with its abbreviation ‘CBD’ clearly present. The hosted event of previous years (2009 – 2012) had a different logo every year. The client preferred a robust logo that could be used consistently in future versions of this annual event. Furthermore, elements of a bridge had to be incorporated into the design, a common symbol for civil engineering.  

Previous logos of the previous hosted events

About the event:

The Civil Business Days is an annual event hosted by the student association Practische Studie. The event offers various activities to bring together students and their potential future employer(s) in the domain of civil engineering. Valuable contacts are made between students and companies that could result in a graduate project, internship or fulltime job. For more information, please visit:

Work delivered

The logo has the abbreviation ‘CBD’ in lowercase style, with all three letters circular shaped and with equidistant centers, radii and thickness. The ‘b’ and ‘d’ are opposite to each other in gray tones and represent pylons of a cable-stayed bridge. The ‘c’ has been positioned asymmetrically and together with the bottom line add color to the logo, emphasizing ‘civil’. A minor depth effect has been added by having the three letters outlined with white and overlapping each other from left to right. Century Gothic has been used as font.

Logo designed by SJUR

For the Civil Business Days in 2013 the logo stood central in the promotion of the event, serving as a recognizable trademark that returned in all sorts of online and offline marketing material. Besides displaying the logo on the website and using it as email signature, it was applied to:

  • Banners throughout the city of Delft, The Netherlands
  • Screensavers of the computers at the university’s faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Flyers and checkered notebooks, that were handed out
Use of the logo in promotional material

The designed logo is considered a great success as it has been used in every Civil Business Days event since 2013. For all the civil engineering students and more than 50 companies that participate each year the logo is now firmly associated with the event.

Use of the logo in subsequent years

Affiliated work

  • Designed the 2011 WordPress website for
  • Advised about the WordPress webdesign for the Civil Business Days website of 2013
  • Facilitating domain services for, since 2011
  • Facilitated various hosting services for,, and during 2013 – 2014.

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